NutriCare is a practical support bundle that helps doctors & nurses integrate nutrition into routine care. My team developed NutriCare with funding from the National Health & Medical Research Council. It has been praised for its feasible, supportive approach & is FREE for use.

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How does diet change after diabetes?

Have you ever wondered why some people find it easy to improve their eating & others find it hard? My team is following a large group of people who recently found out they have Type 2 Diabetes to find how we can more support to those who need it.

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NutComp is a validated survey that assesses health professionals’ knowledge, skills & attitudes about nutrition care. It has been used in several countries to examine doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, personal trainers & medical students. Use it in your workplace or research.

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History of Nutrition in Medicine

My team is looking into the past to improve the future. We are examining journals, government reports, cultural trends, scientific discoveries & food production changes to find what has shaped our situation about nutrition in medicine & what we can do about it in the future.

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Dr Lauren Ball is Australia’s leading researcher in nutrition in general practice health services.

My vision is that all Australians are supported by a health care system that allows them to reach their full potential in life. Achieving this means making nutrition a prominent part of the care they receive in general practice. General Practice is commonly the first contact point with the health system.

An impressive team of researchers has been put together with the main focus being reorienting health services to put nutrition in the spotlight.

We work with community members, health professionals, education providers and professional bodies. Research is conducted on how patients can be better supported in general practice to eat well.

Our main aim is the implementation of interventions and programs allow doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, pharmacists and other health professionals feel confident in nutrition and have the skills to best meet patients’ needs.

The focus is to work with Primary Health Networks to better understand how primary care services can be reoriented to put nutrition and other lifestyle behaviours at the forefront of the health care system.

Learn more about me, my team and how you can get involved in our work.

Dr Lauren Ball